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Our Services

We offer a wide range or services for both commercial and residential. The list below is the various services for both. Looking for something specific not listed below contact us at 306 291 3339

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Cleaning Sewer mains (storm and sanitary). We offer vacuum service while jetting so debris doesn’t just flow downstream but is removed when flushed from the pipeline.

We have two combo trucks (jetting and vacuum in the same unit) and one jetting trailer (cleaning and no vac).

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Water line locating

We attach a clamp to a water line and trace the direction of the pipe to locate a service from the house to the street. We can also trace water mains in the street without access to the main itself. We just need to know a starting place, such as valve to get started.

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Residential Service Cleaning

Cleaning lines from a variety of intrusions such as roots and grease from the line, restoring service

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Point of Failure Repairs

2”-72 inch repairs. This patch is placed where a pipe has failed in one location and need repairing before a collapse happens. These are quick and effective repairs that provide structural components to the pipeline once cured



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Trenchless Technology

This has been proven for over 25 years and comes with a product guarantee of 50 years. Repairs are widely accepted by insurance companies as an effective remedy to pipeline failures or root intrusion problems. Digging a service will yield settling of the trench for up to 5 years, requiring annual attention with landscaping etc.

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Digging without a shovel. Utilized for exposing utility lines (power, phone and gas), replacing/finding curb stops, installing grounding plates/rods, digging holes within approach limits of utility lines etc

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Camera inspection of sewer mains. Video is taken in HD and the camera has pan/tilt capability. Reports provided are NASSCO certified  performed by a Certified technician.     

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Residential Service Inspections

This is performed as a proactive inspection to see condition of lines when purchasing a new home, or just for peace of mind or prior to renovations. We also provide an inspection after cleaning is performed to ensure adequate cleaning and pipe condition.

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Liners can be installed up to 130 feet in length, 3-6 inch in diameter. A liner is a basically a pipe installed within a pipe and no digging of the yard. Liners and patches are installed through the basement, saving your yard, driveway, curb asphalt.

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Manhole Infiltration and Inflow Control 

We focus on stopping groundwater from entering the sanitary sewer system. Significant infiltration leads to higher operating costs of the sewer systems, capacity issues in the pipeline as well as in the Treatment facilities (mechanical and lagoon). The repairs are to control groundwater from entering the system and not structural for the manhole.

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